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Business communication and Internet marketing
Comunicazione aziendale e Internet marketing

A.Y. Credits
2020/2021 8
Lecturer Email Office hours for students
Emanuela Conti By appointment via email

Assigned to the Degree Course

Marketing and Business Communication (LM-77)
Date Time Classroom / Location
Date Time Classroom / Location

Learning Objectives

The course aims to teach students the criticalities and opportunities of the digital approach to marketing in firms, especially with reference to communication policy. In particular, the first part of the course aims to analyze the impact of Internet on markering processes and approaches, and on the relationship between companies and consumers. The second part of the course examines how Internet impacts the on understanding the company's external environment and on the formulation of marketing strategy. The third part aims to provide knowledge on the definition of marketing mix policies in the age of the age of the Internet and the fourth one focuses on the management of the website, CRM and social networks. The course is enriched by a laboratory phase of application of the notions learned in small and medium-sized companies and by the study of Internet marketing best practices.


First part: the impact of Internet on marketing
- The digital approach to marketing
- The social media marketing
- The evolution of the relationship between companies and custoemrs 

Second part: markeitng strategy in the di age of the Internet
- The analysis of company's external environment and online market research
- Market segmentation and brand positioning
- Marketing strategy in the age of the Internet

Third part: planning of marketing mix policies in the age of the Internet

- The 4 P of Marketing and paricipation
- Social community, social publishing, social entertainment

- Communication policy and new ways of communication
- Social commerce and e-commerce 
- The integrated marketing plan

Fourth part: Social and Lab
- CRM, social network (applications)
- Website management (applications)
- Internet Marketing Laboratory: applications in small and medium-sized enterprises

Learning Achievements (Dublin Descriptors)

- Knowledge and understanding: students will acquire knowledge to understand the impacts of the web on marketing processes in particular to manage all aspects of corporate communication, from the strategic choice to the operational phase to the control of results. In particular, they must know and be able to understand the needs of companies (especially small and medium-sized enterprises) in terms of web communication and to propose appropriate solutions to improve this communication.
- Applied knowledge and understanding: students will acquire the methodological tools and the necessary skills to develop web projects and to effectively define their implementation in different business contexts. They will be able to appropriately apply the acquired knowledge to analyze, understand and solve specific situations and problems of management of corporate communication and Internet marketing policies. These objectives will be pursued through testimonials from entrepreneurs and professionals, analysis and discussion of business cases, group work.
- Autonomy of judgment: students will have the ability to independently develop business evaluation methods and to create flexible connections between the different acquired knowledge. This objective will be pursued through testimonies, analysis and discussions of business cases, group work and in-depth seminars, production of short reports.
- Communication skills: learners will be able to develop a clear communication of the acquired skills and of the autonomously identified solutions through specific and appropriate languages ??to the development area of ??the course themes. This will be pursued through simulations of company presentations and oral presentation of group work and papers.
- Ability to learn: Students must develop good learning skills, which allow them to deepen the knowledge acquired during the course also in subsequent learning paths (masters) or in future paths of insertion within companies or other organizations. This will be pursued through lectures, testimonies, analysis and discussions of business cases, group work and in-depth seminars, production of papers.

Teaching Material

The teaching material prepared by the lecturer in addition to recommended textbooks (such as for instance slides, lecture notes, exercises, bibliography) and communications from the lecturer specific to the course can be found inside the Moodle platform › blended.uniurb.it

Didactics, Attendance, Course Books and Assessment


The course involves the use of different teaching methods:
- frontal lessons;
- testimonials from entrepreneurs;
- group work and drafting of reports on business cases;
- classroom discussions.


Attendance of classes and participation in teamwork

Course books

Tuten T. L., Solomon M. R. (2020), Social Media Marketing, Pearson Italia (only the chapters suggest by Professor) 

Slides and material provided by Professor.


Individual written exam and team project.  The method chosen is justified by the need to understand the level of learning both of the theoretical bases and to be able to evaluate the reasoning skills of students.
In particular, attending students must demonstrate that they have acquired full knowledge and competence of concepts, that they know how to express themselves with language properties, that they know how to apply the concepts acquired in the analysis and critical evaluation of case studies and group work.
The vote is expressed out of thirty.

Additional Information for Non-Attending Students

Course books

Tuten T. L., Solomon M. R. (2020), Social Media Marketing, Pearson Italia.

(all chapters)


Written exam. 

The vote is expressed out of thirty.

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