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A.Y. Location
2019/2020 Urbino

Learning Objectives

The Master's objective is to promote the culture of inclusion of people with sensory disabilities (deafness and blindness) in school settings, extracurricular and, above all, to identify and design functional educational interventions in the specific area of ​​sensory deficits.

The Master intends to enhance the training and special skills of the students who frequently meet students and people living complex situations related to acoustic and visual sensory disabilities. Particular attention will be paid to the identification of strategies, methods and educational paths suitable to realize the full inclusion of students with auditory and visual disabilities.

The master is oriented to:

• provide specific knowledge to build special skills and best practices, including the improvement of the professionalism of both specialized and curricular teachers, educators and socio-health workers;

• master and share epistemological, pedagogical, didactic, organizational, rehabilitative tools that allow the realization of a model of inclusive schools and societies capable of responding to the training needs of everyone and of each student.

The Master is aimed at school leaders and teachers in service in state schools, equality and municipal schools of all levels, educators (services for children, professional and social), socio-cultural animators, social workers, psychologists, pedagogists, sociologists and all the professionals who work with people with "special educational needs", including the disabled, with a three-year degree of specific relevance in the educational sector or with a task assigned by the local authority. Parents with experience in the specific sector of sensory disabilities, parents with deaf and/or blind children, operators and ASL experts and associations can take part in the Master's program. The participation of auditors holding a secondary school diploma is expected and a certificate of participation will be issued. The achievement of the Master's degree will qualify the role of the socio-pedagogical educator, in the field of sensory disabilities, according to Law 205/17, Budget Law of the State for the financial year 2018 and multi-year budget for the three-year period 2018-2020, art. 1, paragraphs 594-601 (Official Gazette no. 302 of 29/12/17 came into force 1/1/18).


Sensorial disabilities: definitions and classifications

Visual impairment’s education and special didactics

Hearing impairment’s education and special didactics

Strategies, methods, tools and teaching aids for  visual disability

Strategies, methods, tools and teaching aids for hearing disability

Reading and writing for blind and partially-sighted people

Deafness communication codes

Orientation and motility for visual impaired disability

Technologies for sensorial disabilities

Motor activity exercises


"Education for visual disability"

"Education for hearing disability"


Direct experience

At the end of the cycle there will be exam for each lesson

A final exam is required and a thesis is drafted

There are 2 scholarships provided with full coverage of the enrollment by I.Ri.Fo.R.

The scholarships will be awarded according to the following criteria:

    motivational interview outcome

    professional experience in the field of visual impairment

    a scholarship will be reserved for people with disabilities.

In case of absence of disabled candidates will be assigned to those who will meet the criteria indicated above.

How to apply for Special education and inclusive didactic for students with sensory disabilities

Course with free access
Number of positions
100 available
Useful information

For admission to the 1st level Master's degree, students will be required to hold a three-year degree, a specialized master's degree or an old degree, or an equivalent qualification. Participation as an "auditor" is not required to hold the specific qualification indicated above, but only to hold a secondary school diploma.

Application procedure
You can apply from the 03/02/2020 to the 28/02/2020 . Using the online procedure you can register to fill in the application and pay with PagoPA (Credit Card, PayPal) to complete the payment of the admission fee.
Online registration
Online registration Registration guidelines
Tuition fees

Required contribution € 1,500 to be paid as follows:

First installment: € 800 to be paid upon registration (October 8, 2018)

Second installment: € 700 to be paid by 31 January 2019

Auditors: € 750 to be paid with a single payment upon registration. Registration is required for individual courses, contribution required € 150 to be paid with a single payment to the registration

Information on teaching and research activities


Director of the master:

Prof. Patrizia Gaspari - Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, via Bramante, 17 - Urbino


  • Patrizia Gaspari, Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, Università di Urbino 
  • Roberta Caldin, Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Educazione, Università di Bologna
  • Patrizia Sandri, Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Educazione, Università di Bologna
  • Manuela Valentini, Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, Università di Urbino
  • Loredana Piccolo,consultant for people with visual impairment
  • Eleonora Borromeo,consultant for people with visual impairment
  • Rosanna Giovanditto, italian Sign Language Trainer for Deaf and Hearing Children
  • Paolo de Cecco, programmer and technical aids - Lega del Filo d'Oro
    Alice Agostini, speech therapist- Ospedale di Urbino U.O. di Medicina Riabilitativa
A chi rivolgersi

Mirca Montanari    339 8333122     e-mail: mirca.montanari@uniurb.it

Patrizia Gaspari
Mirca Montanari
 339 8333122   mirca.montanari@uniurb.it

Administrative contacts

Secretary’s Office
Ufficio Dottorati - Post laurea - Esami di Stato
Via Veterani, 36 - Urbino
Office hours
Monday - Friday from 9.30 am to 13pm
 Tel. +39 0722 304631 / +39 0722 304632 / +39 0722 304634 / +39 0722 304635   corsi.postlaurea@uniurb.it


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