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2020/2021 Urbino

Learning Objectives

Archaeology for tourism in the lands of the ancient Duchy of Urbino is a Summer School organized by the Department of Communication Sciences, Humanities and International Studies of the University of Urbino Carlo Bo with the contribution of the municipality of Mercatello sul Metauro, under the patronage of the Marche Regional Directorate of Museums and the municipalities of Urbino and Gradara (the main tourist destinations in the province of Pesaro and Urbino) and Gradara Innova s.r.l, Pro Loco Gradara.

Its goal is to provide students, as well as operators in the tourism, with the appropriate tools for knowledge aimed at the promotion and communication, quality, of cultural heritage within the tourist offer.

The perspective is that of public archaeology, able to open to the general public and communicate in a easy, but scientific, way, the results of research.

The Summer School intends to contribute effectively to the promotion and development of a cultural tourism reasoned and easily communicated and, therefore, was born in close synergy between the archaeological and sociological disciplines.    

The sample context will be represented by the territory "of the ancient Duchy of Urbino". The cities and the landscape will be approached from a diachronic point of view with a complete excursus that from the Picenian age will go through the Roman age (with particular insights into the Via Flaminia, the city of Fano and the archaeological park of Forum Sempronii) and then go into the Middle Ages.

The roots of the Duchy itself will be taken into consideration, also through the study of archaeological realities. Particular attention will be given to the history of the family of the Counts of Montefeltro, also in view of the celebrations for the six hundredth anniversary of the birth of Duke Federico (year 2022).

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The course is aimed at students, operators in the tourism sector (tour guides, tourist offices staff, etc..), but also to an audience of professionals who want to accompany their professionalism (or personal passion) to a culture of the territory attentive, open to the enhancement and enjoyment of cultural heritage.

A Bachelor's or Master's degree is not required, basic requirements are a high school diploma and the desire to learn an agile - and scientifically supervised - way of communicating cultural heritage.

The period of the Summer School is set from May 27 to June 18 for a total of 54 hours of lectures. The Summer, lasting four weeks, will be entirely in streaming with a formula of three hours per day delivered from Monday to Friday with hours 18-21. The lessons will not be recorded. There will be an easy final test.

The course provides for the recognition of 10 CFU, distributed as follows:

    Christian and Medieval Archaeology 5 CFU
    Classical Archaeology 2 CFU
    Medieval History 1 CFU
    Sociology of cultural and communicative processes 1 CFU
    Final exam 1 CFU

- Even if you are a high school graduate or a Bachelor student, you can enroll in the Summer School.
- During the period of enrollment you can take advantage of all the services offered to university students.
- There will be "cameo interventions" by renowned archaeologists engaged in the field of public archaeology and the dissemination and enhancement of   cultural heritage for tourism, who will present experiences of enhancement operated in other Italian contexts.
- Several hours of lessons will be dedicated to parks, archaeological areas and castles in the province of Pesaro and Urbino and beyond.
- Some lessons will be dedicated to the heraldry of the Counts of Montefeltro.
- Some lessons will be dedicated to the results of bioarchaeological studies carried out on the skeletal remains of the Dukes of Urbino by the Division of - Paleopathology of the University of Pisa. In particular, a first meeting will be dedicated to Duke Federico da Montefeltro (1422-1482), buried in the Church of San Bernardino, and a second one to Francesco Maria I della Rovere (1490-1538) and the members of his family, buried in the Church of the Monastery of Santa Chiara.

How to apply for Archeologia per il turismo nelle terre dell’antico Ducato di Urbino

Course with free access
Number of positions
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Free access course




Access to the Summer School is open to Italian and foreign citizens in possession of at least a high school diploma.

The student who wishes to enroll must have a computer and Internet connection.

The minimum number of students enrolled, necessary for the activation of the Summer School, is 5.

Students in possession of the requirements will be admitted in chronological order of presentation of the application form, complete with payment of the fee due.

The application form does not have to be sent, the Office will acquire it directly from the system.

Candidates who do not complete the enrolment process by the deadline indicated will lose their rights.

According to DM 270/04, 1 educational credit corresponds to 25 hours of study per student, including individual study.

Pursuant to art. 75 of D.P.R. 445/2000, if the Administration finds, on the basis of appropriate checks, the untruthfulness of the content of statements made by the candidate, the declarant shall forfeit any benefits derived from the measure issued on the basis of the untruthful statement.

At the end of the course are released 10 CFU


You can enroll from 26/04/2021 to 20/05/2021. Through the online procedure you can enroll in the course and make the payment of the contribution with PagoPA.

Online enrollment


Enrollment fee of € 100 to be paid in a single installment by May XX, 2021 (registration form).

ATTENTION: before making the payment, check if the minimum number (5) of participants has been reached in order to activate the course.

Payments must be made using the method available under "payments" in the menu on the left of the student's personal web page.

The fee is net of bank charges. The enrollment fee is inclusive of stamp duty and insurance coverage. Contributions will be refunded only in case of non-activation of the Course, excluding stamp duty.

In the event that the registration fee is paid by a person other than the interested party or by an institution, body or company, the latter will have to pay the amount in the same manner and timing indicated above, under penalty of non-enrollment in the course.

Since the course is part of the University's institutional activity, the registration fee is not subject to IVA, therefore no invoice will be issued.

Application procedure
You can apply from the 26/04/2021 to the 20/05/2021 . Using the online procedure you can register to fill in the application and pay with PagoPA (Credit Card, PayPal) to complete the payment of the admission fee.
Online registration
Online registration Registration guidelines

Information on teaching and research activities



Director of the Summer School: Prof. Daniele Sacco, Senior Researcher on temporary contract - Christian and Medieval Archaeology - Department DISCUI


A chi rivolgersi

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Daniele Sacco

Administrative contacts

Secretary’s Office
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