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Learning Objectives

The Course has international characteristics for both professors and students. It endorses the aims and continues the tradition of the "Séminaire de droit comparé et européen" of the Center for European Legal Studies, founded in 1959 by Germain Bruillard and Enrico Paleari and uninterruptedly operating in the Department of Law of the University under the Convention of March 4, 1966, approved by the University Board of Directors (Consiglio di Amministrazione) with deliberations on January 27, 1966, and April 22, 1966. Since 2012, the Course has been organized, jointly with the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (Lausanne), by the Center for European Legal Studies in the Department of Law, maintaining the objectives and characteristics of internationality and permanence unchanged.

In particular, and more specifically, the Course, addressing an international context, proposes to explore and analyze the evolution of the European legal culture both in the national sphere and in the framework of the actions undertaken by the European Union and delves into the fundamental issues of the European legal systems and their relations with those of non-European countries.

Open Day online e in presenza

Da maggio a ottobre 2024 — È il momento ideale per conoscere da vicino l’Università di Urbino e la sua offerta formativa. Non perdere l’occasione di incontrare i docenti e i tutor dei corsi di laurea.

scopri il programma

All employment sectors where highly specialized legal competencies in international and European problems are required (functions carried out in international organizations, European institutions, diplomacy, public institutions, multinational companies, and international law firms).

The Seminar lasts for one week and will be held in early September.

The disciplines covered are: 

  • Private International Law and International Trade Law - IUS/13
  • Comparative Law - IUS/02
  • European Union Law - IUS/14
  • International Arbitration- IUS/15
  • Criminal Law - IUS/17
  • Philosophy of Law - IUS/02 

The final exam will consist of an informal conversation between the student and one professor of their choice. Collective examinations are also allowed. The exam can be conducted in Italian, English, or French according to the student's and instructor's needs. 

Informal interviews are optional. Only those who wish to obtain University Credits are required to take them. 

The European Law Seminar in Urbino is a unique opportunity to acquire new international and European law skills. Apart from excellent faculty and great lectures, the wonderful Città di Urbino is another benefit. Spending a week within the walls of the Renaissance beauty will influence you for the rest of your life. I can be living proof of this addiction: I have been traveling to Urbino every August for nine years" (M. Svatos, Mediator and Arbitrator, Charles University, former student and current professor of the Summer School).

During their stay, participants will not only have the opportunity to engage with the topics proposed by the Professors and get to know all the other participants but also share the beauty of the City of Urbino and beyond.

Several experiences will be offered at the most iconic locations of the Seminar's venue and surrounding areas of Urbino.

Through moments of 'Conviviality,' the Seminar's spirit is made true, connecting the participants' visions, aspirations, and ideas and hoping to foster a timeless friendship with the city of Raphael.


How to apply for Seminar of comparative and european law

Course with free access
Number of positions
50 available
Useful information

Access to the Summer School is granted to Italian and foreign citizens with a high school diploma.

Students who meet the required criteria will be admitted in chronological order of submission of the enrollment application, complete with the payment of the necessary fee until the maximum number of available places is reached.

The minimum number of enrollments required to activate the Summer School is 14.

The enrollment application does not need to be sent; the Office will acquire it directly from the system.

Candidates who do not complete the enrollment by the indicated deadline will lose their right to participate.

Attendance at the course is mandatory for at least 2/3 of the hours required for dual training activity.

A participation certificate indicating the ECTS credits will be issued at the end of the course.

Under Article 75 of Presidential Decree 445/2000, if the Administration finds, based on suitable checks, that the content of the declarations made by the candidate is not truthful, the declarant will lose any benefits obtained from the provision issued based on the untruthful declaration.

It is possible to enroll as an auditor.

Application procedure
You can apply from the 02/07/24 to the 30/08/24 . Using the online procedure you can register to fill in the application and pay with PagoPA (Credit Card, PayPal) to complete the payment of the admission fee.
Online registration
Online registration Registration guidelines
Tuition fees

Enrollment for the course: €300 to be paid in a single installment by 08/30/2024.

Enrollment for auditors: €225 to be paid in a single installment by 08/30/2024.

The payment must be made using the method available under the 'payments' section of the menu on the left side of the student's personal web page.

The fees are net of bank charges. The enrollment fee includes stamp duty and insurance coverage. The fees will only be refunded if the course is not activated, excluding the stamp duty.

If the enrollment fee is paid by someone other than the participant or by an institution, organization, or company, they must ensure the payment is made according to the same methods and timelines indicated above. Otherwise, the enrollment in the course will not be processed.

Information on teaching and research activities


Director Professor Alessandro Bondi, Università degli Studi di Urbino) 

Scientific-organizational Committee 

Professor Luigi Mari (Coordinatore), Università degli Studi di Urbino;

Dr. Ilaria Pretelli, Collaboratrice scientifica ISDC;

Professor Bertrand Ancel, Université de Paris II, Panthéon Assas;

Professor Horatia Muir Watt, Ecole de droit, Science Po, Paris;

Professor Marie Elodie Ancel, Université de Paris II, Panthéon Assas;

Professor Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid, Ono Academic College;

Professor Andrea Giussani, Università degli Studi di Urbino;

Dr. Robert Bray, Former Principal Administrator at the European Parliament;

Dr. Rosa Palavera, Ricercatrice RTD B, Università degli Studi di Urbino; 

Dr. Edoardo A. Rossi, Ricercatore RTD B, Università degli Studi di Urbino

Dr. Lucia Vedovi, CEL-Lettrice di lingua inglese, Università degli Studi di Urbino

A chi rivolgersi

For further information on the course, please contact 

Dr. Rosa Palavera 0722/303210

or email 

seminaire@uniurb.it; rosa.palavera@uniurb,it; lucia.vedovi@uniurb.it 

Alessandro Bondi
 0722303200   alessandro.bondi@uniurb.it
Rosa Palavera

Administrative contacts

Secretary’s Office
Ufficio Dottorati - Post laurea - Esami di Stato
Via Veterani, 36 - Urbino
Office hours
Monday - Friday from 9.30 am to 13pm
 Tel. +39 0722 304631 / +39 0722 304632 / +39 0722 304634 / +39 0722 304635   corsi.postlaurea@uniurb.it

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