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A.Y. Credits
2017/2018 8
Lecturer Email Office hours for students
Roberto Bensi

Assigned to the Degree Course

Physical education for health and prevention (LM-67)
Date Time Classroom / Location
Date Time Classroom / Location

Learning Objectives

the goal of the course is to provide the student with all the knowledge necessary to be able to work with athletes, but also with non-athletes - interested in safeguarding and enhancing their psycho-physical well-being, even in disability situations.

Various paralympics will be treated in a specific way both in relation to athletes' classifications and technical-tactical issues of different disciplines.

Information on Special Olympics Games and sports techniques and regulations for subjects with intellectual disabilities will also be provided.


History of sport for the disabled
Paralympic Games
Special Olympics
The Italian Federation of Sports Intellectual and Relational Disabilities
Aspects of the clinical evaluation of the disabled sportsman
Functional evaluations
WHO classifications
Traditional medical classifications
• ISMWSF Classifications
• ISOD Classifications
• CP-ISRA Classifications
• IBSA Classifications
New integrated classifications
Aspects of the psychological approach to the sporting activity of the disabled person
Sports activities for subjects with intellectual and relational disabilities
•   Athletics
• Horseback riding
• Artistic Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics
• Volleyball

Winter Sports and Disability
Modern Paralympics
• Summer program
• Winter program

The sport adapted: learning and training

Sports activities for people with physical disability:
•  Athletics
• Weelchair Basket
• Volleyball sitting
• Rugby
• Fencing
• Tennis in the wheelchair
• Tennis table in wheelchair and standing
• Swimming
•  Winter sports

Sports activities for people with sensory disabilities
Sports activities of  for people with visual impairments
•  Torball
•  Goalball
•  5-a-side football
•   Athletics
•  Cycling
- Judo
• Swimming
•  show down
•  blind baseball
•  archery
•   winter sports

The Special Olympics program.
Mission, philosophy and principles.
• Official disciplines
• Experimental disciplines

Learning Achievements (Dublin Descriptors)

At the end of the course the student must demonstrate:

- Knowledge and understanding:

know the specialties and sports for people with disabilities and understand their terminology.

- (applying knowledge and understanding):

To be able to distinguish the technical differences of each discipline in relation to the specific classification of athletes

- making judgements:

The student should be able to design educational paths suitable for sports discipline and titopology.

- Communication skills:

The student must possess the ability to communicate in a correct and specific way the knowledge of both oral and multimedia presentations.

- Learning skills.

Students should be able to find information and knowledge independently using industry publications

Teaching Material

The teaching material prepared by the lecturer in addition to recommended textbooks (such as for instance slides, lecture notes, exercises, bibliography) and communications from the lecturer specific to the course can be found inside the Moodle platform › blended.uniurb.it

Didactics, Attendance, Course Books and Assessment


Lectures, practical activities in the gym

Course books

Bertini L., Attività sportive adattate, Calzetti Mariucci, Perugia, 2005


The student will have to present a Power Point or Prezi presentation on a paralimpical or adapted sport that will have to show in 15 minutes.
Knowledge, ability to find and use information, personal design and expressive skills will be evaluated.

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