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2018/2019 6
Lecturer Email Office hours for students
Stefano Raia before and after lessons

Assigned to the Degree Course

Law Degree for Labour Consultancy and Safety at Work (L-14)
Date Time Classroom / Location
Date Time Classroom / Location

Learning Objectives

The course shall promote basic sociological knowledge on the analysis of the labour market. Students are guided to the analysis of descriptions and statistics of the labour market performances (ISTAT data, Eurostat, etc). We will provide the elements of analysis of any social phenomena related to work: unemployment, immigration,  inactivity, flexibility and atypical work, undeclared work, new jobs.
Special insights will be proposed on the reforms of the labour market and the role of employment services (public and private) (Jobs Act and implementing decrees). The course provides an insight into recruitment processe as activities connected with the professional profile of the labor consultant. Another insight will be proposed about organizational perpspective on work safety.


Learning objectives will be addressed in different teaching periods. 

Summary of the main topics:
1) The labor market: descriptions and main sources and statistical representation. Local labour systems.
The labor market in Italy between structural unemployment and crisis management: migration and local labor markets, the informal economy and undeclared jobs, new jobs between contractual flexibility and fragmentation of careers, demand trends.

2) Employment services and job agencies. Activation policies and passive labor policies. On the job training, in-service training and vocational training.

3) Policies against unemployement: Italy and Germany

4) The labour market in terms of demand for labor by companies. Recruitment processe as social action.

5) Organizational gaps in the management of work safety.

Teaching Material

The teaching material prepared by the lecturer in addition to recommended textbooks (such as for instance slides, lecture notes, exercises, bibliography) and communications from the lecturer specific to the course can be found inside the Moodle platform › blended.uniurb.it

Teaching, Attendance, Course Books and Assessment


The first meetings will be held by the teacher according frontal mode.

Subsequent meetings will have typical organizational modalities of the seminars (programmed interventions of students, undergraduates, graduates, witnesses, reports to be produced, ongoing testing of the objectives).

Course books

Testi previsti per la prova d’esame:
1-E.Reyneri, Introduzione alla sociologia del mercato del lavoro, Il Mulino, Bologna 2017.

2-R.Benini, M.Sorcioni. Il fattore umano, Donzelli, Roma 2016
3-Three (3)  textes selected into the Moodle platform  


Oral test. Evaluation of the papers produced during the course. The oral examination is used as a tool for testing capabilities on the knowledge of the subject, for the making judgment and assessment of learnig and communication skills.

During the course it will be a writing test with closes questions and some open questions to test arguumentation skills about the subject. The written test is restricted to students who attend at least 75%of the classes.

Additional Information for Non-Attending Students


The teacher brings into the Moodle platform summary of the main topics discussed during lessons. In e.learning mode materials and texts for the study are also made available 

Course books

1- E.Reyneri, Introduzionealla sociologia del mercato del lavoro, Il Mulino, Bologna 2017.
2- R.Benini, M.Sorcioni, Il fattore umano, Donzelli, Roma 2016
3- L.Gallino, Il costo umano della flessibilità, Laterza, Roma 2005 
3- Three (3) textes selected into the moodle platform.  


In the Department is active "Olympus", the Observatory for permanent monitoring of legislation and case law on health and safety in the workplace work. The Observatory carries out various activities including, in particular: - the management of a website with legislative databases, case law databases and databases of contracts, all concerning the safety at work, - depth articles, specialized reviews and thematic focus; - the management of an online scientific journal - "The Working Papers of Olympus", soon destined to mutate into "Law of occupational Safety and Health" (DSL) - in the field of security rights in the workplace, with ISSN, that employs a wide international scientific committee and refereeing procedures for the identification of essays to be published; - The organization of congresses and seminars including international ones. This observatory, whose website is freely accessible to all in a logic of public service, allows students of the CdS to find useful materials and documentation for their course of study and useful to draft their dissertation. It offers, also, through the mentioned congresses and seminars, the opportunity to meet the leading experts in the field and to analyse the most sensitive issues relating to it. http://olympus.uniurb

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