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A scholarship comprises a set of services that can be used free of charge, such as the canteen and lodging, and a sum of money that varies according to the following: the economic and financial situation of the student’s family and his or her geographical provenance (off-site, on-site or commuting). It is awarded through public competition to students in particular economic situations and with particular merit as laid down in the appropriate competition announcement.

Those who can apply
Students enrolled in the following courses may apply:

  • University of Urbino courses activated before implementation of the Bologna process (Italian Ministerial Decree 509/99);
  • 1st and 2nd level degree and single-cycle postgraduate degree courses;
  • Graduate courses that are compulsory for exercising a profession.

Students accepted onto doctorate courses may also apply as long as the student enrolled does not already benefit from a fellowship.

Those who cannot apply
Those enrolling again after having already obtained an academic qualification (degree or diploma) for the same level of studies may not apply;
Those who already hold a degree under the old system of rules and who are applying for a 2nd-level postgraduate course may not apply.

Merit requirements

For those enrolled in the first year of a course:
a high-school leaving diploma is sufficient. However, it will be necessary to obtain a certain number of credits (“ex-post merit”) during the academic year in order to keep the scholarship and therefore avoid withdrawal of the benefit.

For those enrolled in years subsequent to the first:

students are required to obtain a pre-established number of credits by the date fixed each year by ERSU/ERDIS.

Income requirement

The student’s economic situation is identified on the basis of the University Equivalent Economic Situation Indicators (ISEEU). This certification is issued by the CAFs (Fiscal Assistance Centres) in agreement with the INPS (National Social Welfare Institute), which are located all over Italy. From 1 January 2015 the legislation regarding the calculation of ISEE has changed. In the case of foreign students the State is not giving consideration to their situation, so that at the moment we are unable to supply any definite information.
To access the competition for granting of scholarships the values of the indicators must not exceed the thresholds shown below:

  • ISEEU € 18,500.00
  • ISPEU € 30,000.00

Time-limits for enrolment
Students must be enrolled in university courses by no later than the dates laid down in the University of Urbino’s call for applications. It is a good idea to carry out university enrolment before completing the online scholarship application.
For details about the time-limits for presenting scholarship applications, and about the necessary specific documentation about income and assets, merit requirements and any further information, you should consult the competition announcement published annually on the Urbino ERSU/ERDIS website www.ersurb.it

ERSU/ERDIS also promotes other interventions in support of the right to education:
extraordinary fees (for students who are excluded from scholarships and for special situations), solidarity fund (for differently-abled students), and part-time jobs (for students who intend to carry out work activities). For info: www.ersurb.it

For contacts:

Ufficio Provvidenze Individuali (Diritto allo Studio)
Via Veneto No. 45, 61029 URBINO (Tel. 0722-350709; Fax 0722-377231)
e-mail: dirittostudio@ersurb.it
Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon; Tuesday and Thursday, also 3.00 to 5.00 p.m. (during the applications acceptance period, opening hours may vary).


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